Bubble Wrap

oh shit! look!
is that a fox?
looks like it.
professor, how come some animals died but others didn't?
i don't know, fly.
wouldn't it be awesome if we could teach wild animals to do chores for us?
you want to try your hand at domestication?
it seems easy.
a practice that's taken the human race many thousands of years to perfect?
did you ever see that footage of russian bears playing ice hockey. that was fucking kick-ass.
yeah! they took one of the most aggressive creatures in the world and strapped blades to it's feet. it was awesome.
they train the bears by torturing them when they fail.
does that work?
sadly, it does.
far too well.
how small do they make ice skates, do you think?
no, fly!

'no' to everything.

by Dan

OH Crikey! Busy Busy me. But that's not quite all of it, is it? I mean, I could find time to write this, but it takes dedication. And my dedication wains and waxes. You should invest in an RSS Reader.

And when I say 'invest', I do mean, start using a free one. Google has Google Reader. Give that a burl.

Oh, and there is footage of bears playing ice hockey. It's horrible.