Bubble Wrap

shut up kumar!
you told me to shut up.
up is down,
left is right.
wyatt asked you about garry?
oh, yes.
you've seen wyatt?
not five minutes ago.
not five...
how did he get past me?
it's probably the accent.
i'm sure it lets him get away with murder.

by Goatlord

If only it were that easy, for me anyway (he says to the tall and dark stranger he met in a long a dark alley in reference to his own long and - CUT! was the term heard from the bris whose proceedings had become more of a joke than - bored now).

There was supposed to lie here, an in-depth review on the many redeeming features of the movie mentioned yesterday (only minutes ago for me - lucky me??) including a critique criticising the decision to have French characters speak with faux posh English accents when all those English speaking actresses could have been putting on faux French accents which would have been far hotter for all concerned.


However, I think it is time for me to pass ou