Bubble Wrap

thank fuck.
tyler has finished down there,
it's awesome!
that's great kumar.
have you seen garry?
c'mon big sis, you too?
you know i haven't seen him since he went off with billy bob.
just checking.
big sis?
no - me too?
what do you mean by that?
wyatt was just asking about garry.
i may have mistaken him for you
are you going to punish me?
you're going to punish me.
please punish me, big sis...
no, bad kumar!

by Goatlord

It is now Monday morning, an eviler morning I have yet to endure.

I have a game I play with myself...

Moving right along, I like movies, or rather, I like a good story. Movies avail me of a means to enjoy a good story in more manageable chunks of that oh so precious commodity we have given the nomenclature of time.

So ... I was watching the cricket yesterday, we can now say, and this is not explaining the "game" very well (or at all).

The rules are as follows:

-The next movie watched will be the first title that comes to mind as decided by whatever memory is triggered by the movie currently being viewed. Regardless of the (if any) seemingly convoluted means/methods of justification.

Simple, right?

Anyway, I was watching the cricket and the ball made its way into the crowd (attention whore-ay ... what?) and was subsequently returned by a spectator who handed it (the ball) to a player (who is, as far as I know, not a "playa").

So, of course, I immediately thought of "Ever After" which I aimed to watch directly after I ceased viewing the cricket but I knew that comics needed to be uploaded for this (coming) week.


So, I typed out some comicsh then quickly retreated to the suckling comfort of the "home theatre" and now here we are some two (2) hours later.

I like cheese, did you know that?