Bubble Wrap

boy, do you know me for my patience?
i'm sorry i called you "penny"
...please don't hurt me.
perhaps later.
where's garry?
i dunno, haven't seen him in ages.
"ages" as in
"not today"?
actually, i don't think i've seen garry since he went off with billy bob.
you saw him leave with billy bob?
well, it was through the crack in the outhouse door.
i was a little distracted at the time.
but yeah, i saw garry leave with billy bob.
mu'fucka played me. prolly played us all.
i don't know about that, wyatt.
maybe penny or tyler can tell you different.

by Goatlord

It's still Sunday night (same bottle).

If I were ever forced to rate my CD's(?), I would have to (possibly) give first place to Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska.

If only because its (re)release is printed like an LP.

And the "chicken man" song ... that's pretty good too.

I'm out of cheese.

This time travelling experience is the poorer for it :-(