Bubble Wrap

tyler has finished down there,
it's awesome!
boy, do i looks like a nosy little bitch with a broomstick up her ass?
there you go. now wa's this 'bout tyler finishin' up down there?
yeah, it's cool.
lights and everything man.
if tyler has finished then why has billy bob still got me bustin' my hump findin' bits and pieces fo' him?

by Goatlord

Monday ... AGAIN?!

Quite frankly, the government is just not doing a good enough job. You'd think they would have come up with something better than "Monday" by now.

Bring on the communists, h-e-double hockey sticks, we've tried everything else.

It's now 9:30 in the PM on Sunday night, my time, not yours ... obviously. I've just stepped out of the shower, my tanned skin glistening in the moonlight. Stepping into the bedroom, I un-cinch the towel and my lurve handles undulate for whole minutes afterwards.

Too much information..?

Fair enough.

Fear not (too much), all future editions of BUBBLE WRAP will come with complimentary "Heave to the lee side" bags*.

*so long as you are within "heaving" distance of the "author"