Bubble Wrap

i'm tired. can't we steal a car?
look around you fly. there's nothing here. we were so lucky to find that fire engine.
can we at least have a moment to rest?
fine with me.
why did doctor macintosh have to be such a dick?
i dunno fly. why does anyone? even when we weren't clinging to life the world was packed full of thoughtless, selfish douche-bags who lacked even basic empathy for others or even common sense.
people just never listen fly. that's all they needed to do was listen to each other.

there's a lot of people i don't miss fly.

look! this bug looks like he's dancing!!

by Dan

What a couple of days of getting things done. I had a radio interview, I had my surgery checked by my doctor (It's coming along well) I had the damage on my car evaluated (less than $1600) and rang the person who said they'd pay for it (hopefully they will). I've had a haircut and high-lighted (high-lit?) the lines in the play I'm in. I also took a very successful tour around Brisbane CBD.

I even had time to take a nap.