Bubble Wrap

now, where was i?
oh yes,.. fool me five times, shame on me.
*puff puff*
fine. keep the bloody thing. you'll probably end up shooting yourself anyway!!
no way man.
ah'm super-fly!!
*sigh* what?
nothing. i just got my pinky caught in the chamber,.. um,.. and my thumb,..
and a couple of my other fingers.

by Dan

The people of 'Ban Comic Sans' state that the font should be wiped out. But where would that leave me? To do comic text with Helvetica. I don't think so.

If you're using OSX you'll have chalkboard as the chosen font. It's my prefered one. There's also an open source comic font for Ubuntu (and hopefully other linux boxes) called TSCu_Comic that will kick in. But in case of emergency Comic Sans MS does the job that it was always meant to do.

Comic Text.