Bubble Wrap

feeling better?
a bit, i guess.
well i know what will cheer you up.
have you ever heard of the 'panama canal'?
that's a river that runs from one side of mexico to the other, right?
well, no, but that's close enough.

when sea traffic goes through it from west to east do you know where it comes out?
a little town called
are you serious?
is that true?
that is the best fucking thing i've ever heard!!
i thought you'd like that.
there would be stores there!!
like the colon laundromat, or the colon cinemas!
the colon waste processing plant.
i will never be unhappy again!!

by Dan

Oh wow! I got cast in a play. I'll be playing a fairly major part in 'Catch 22'.

I've never been in a play before. I'm going to have to learn lines of dialogue.

Sweet Jimminy.