Bubble Wrap

kumar, light!
that's much better,
thank you kumar.
c'mon tyler dude.
we've been up all night, i need my z's man.
i'm almost finished here.
what 's the big rush, we've been working on this for like, forever, what's another day going to matter now?
we need to get this done before...
actually, there's no rush, we were so close that i just wanted to get it done.
and there we go,
we now have lights.
cool, you are one badass wirin' mofo, tyler.
thanks, i think.

by Goatlord

They have found the light, their souls are now say-eved!

Just kidding, everyone's worm food.

Also, the easter bunny isn't real.

Santa was but he died of syphilis in 1632.
The coal magnates have been telling us otherwise ever since so as not to hurt their bottom line.

What can I say, there are a lot of naughty children out there whose parents think themselves too hep to be square ... yo.

I had a rum and vanilla coke last night, it was quite tasty. I might even put away the gimp suit and anal beads in preference of. One never knows.