Bubble Wrap

but why are they so plentiful if we cannot eat them?
it is a little cruel,
dude, do not fall for the baloney.
you're just over hungry.
hungry? you just scarfed all of carmine's cheese!
i think we should both just shut up and get this building open.
that is a plan,
i suppose.
thank you,
now can we-
-a very boring plan, though.
i must say,
i am rather interested in hearing more about this
"eating people initiative"

by Goatlord

An initiative for the FUTURE!

Cannot wait for the future?
Why don't you write to your local member of parliament and demand the future now! (Huh, why don't you? Leave out the dick jokes though, they didn't get elected because of their sense humour after all.)

If that doesn't work, try starting up your own branch of the EPI until the present wakes up to itself and becomes the FUTURE but italicised and with one of these !

You just know everyone else is doing it. Your mater and pater, your brother and his cool friends who won't let you hang out with them, your sister and that creepy teacher guy she talks about constantly and even your granny is probably eating people.

You know what, why don't you all just eat me right now.

At least one of us will feel better for it.

In other exciting news, I've spoken with Saturday and Sunday and they've indicated to me that they are sick of being treated like just any other day of the week so I told them to go and sit on a sharpened melon rind.

No comics for them!