Bubble Wrap

anyway, where was i?
star stuff.
right, yes.
seeing as everything is made from everything else, steak will have the same nutritional value, no matter from whence it was carved.
so in the case of the playboy bunnies, not only are they delectable but extremely delicious as well.
yes g, i agree we are all made from star stuff but, i'm sorry, no.
all i heard is that you agree with me,
as you should.
yes we eat star stuff. the star stuff we eat is called foodstuff but not all star stuff is foodstuff.
everything else can be called non-foodstuff, if you'd like.
your mouth sounds are but semantic piffle in the wind.
and to rain further on your rather disturbing mardis gras, people stuff is a subset of non-foodstuff.
just what are you trying to say?
don't eat people!

by Goatlord

Party pooper.

Bob is just such a downer these days. Looks like he really did need drugs to be a more socially acceptable and fun and righteous dude.

Kids, just say no...

To being boring nobodies!

And you should probably also refuse anything cooked up in some hillbilly's back shed. Chances are, it's not very good *wink* wionk*

Fuck, did you just poke me in the eye?! You just poked me in the fucking eye! Oh, well how do you like it mister?

OW! stop being all flat and reflecty when I'm trying to exact my rewenge moste horrible! OW!

Tee hee, the majestic snowy OW! swooped down on her unsuspecting prey...

Who are you people again?