Bubble Wrap

i should have realised this sooner, i am so very much smarter than this.
if you say so.
it is a shame, i know, but we all have you to thank for pointing me in the right direction.
hey, no, don't you involve me.
i'll be taking no part in this
"eating people initiative"
you're just not thinking about this rationally or logically.
i'm pretty sure that's my line.
we're all made from star stuff; cars, trees, playboy bunnies and this cheese foob alike, correct?
well yes, but...
where the fuck did you get that?
i forgot i had it.
we haven't eaten in days, how could you "forget" you had it?!
my mind wanders.
i found it in carmine's backpack.
you want some?
oh, no...
fuck, yes.
i was doing a little investigating and it turns out that carmine is a very interesting fellow.
y'know bob, you really should tell me what you did with his bones.
nom nom,
his suit isn't very poseable without them.

by Goatlord

Probably not, no.

There's a gun and ammunition just inside the doorway. Use it only in emergency.

Actually, use it now. There's no telling when the future will be upon you, making guns not work.

Enjoy them while you can.

I'll bet the mofos of the future will pine for the days when caps would have been popped in their asses.

They'll sit their little mofos down and begin with "In my day..."