Bubble Wrap

so, not only is eating people fun, it is now nutritious?
yeah, why not?
i'm sure there are a multitude of reasons, too many and varied to be mentioned here.
now who's dishing out the bullshit?
that would be you, same as it ever was.
wigga please.
it's probably why the entry requirements for ninjadom are so stringent nowadays.
this should be good.
the great and wise ninja masters recognized that humanity's increasing food requirements were going to irrevocably harm the earth.
they raised the stakes so we could all continue to eat them.
dude, that's just...
i know right, may their wisdom guide us forever more.

by Goatlord

You'd be surprised how often I hear "this should be good."

Or not.

If you stare long enough at that satellite view of the city Dan created for the comics (see yesterday's comic), I'd swear that the clouds and shadows move. Creepy.

Are the pubs open yet...?