Bubble Wrap

that's a big building.
it's not that big.
big enough.
it'll take forever to search all that.
well lazy boy, you can't be all that hungry then.
i am hungry but i'm hungry now.
fine, there's plenty of human jerky around here, go make some foobs out of that.
maybe i will.
ok, have fun.
oh i will, plentiful and nutritious fun.
and you can't have any.
here i was just now, thinking i'd heard all the bullshit you'd had to offer.

by Goatlord

Has he gone yet...?

I managed to slip the chains and chew my way through the cage bars. Though I wish I'd known they were made from chocolate sooner, I wouldn't have had to go on a hunger strike so I could slip the chains. Now I think about it, the chains had a definite aroma of liquorice whip about them...


He won't get me so easily next year.

In my defense though, for a fat prick, he sure is sneaky.