Bubble Wrap

how can we fertilise the garden?
maybe we can get some compost worms.
you can get fertiliser from worms?
well, yes. you get their castings.
what are castings?
the,.. uh,.. the droppings?

dropping shit,..

,..out of their assholes?
there are more delicate ways to put that fly. anyway, the castings take a lot longer to gather, but you can still harvest a lot of worm "tea".
the worms make tea?
does it comes from their "tea holes"?
now you've got the hang of it.

by Dan

So, end of the year eh? Do you have any resolutions? I'm resolving to read a lot more books this year. Until two weeks ago I'd only read two books this year.

I'm going to double that at least.

As soon as I finish watching these TV shows I've been meaning to catch up on.