Bubble Wrap

oh no!
he's pinched all our garden supplies. all the food seeds are gone. we've only got sunflower seeds left.
stupid fucking flowers. they're only good for giving to hotties and there are none of them left!!
why do chicks love flowers so much anyway?
maybe it's because they represent fertility.
well, the flower is the sexual organ of the plant. the stamen is like the plant's male organ and the stigma is the plant's female organ.
so plants have girls and boys?
sometimes, although mostly each plants has both male and female flowers
oh my god!!
they're trannies?
that's a very strange way of looking at,..
what is saffron?
it's the plants' stigma.
agh!! i've been eating plant cock!!
no, no. stigma.
it's the female part.
oh, thank god!
also, you're an idiot.

by Dan

Okay. I'm going over to New Zealand for the first time on Saturday. South Island. Christchurch. Any good advice about what I should do while I'm there?