Bubble Wrap

back to the guns problem. why doesn't ammunition ignite?
it got wet?
don't you start. no, something's happened to them. and maybe it has something to do with the virus.
so the question to ask, is how to you make gunpowder?
oh i know that. that's easy! my brother and i used to make home-made bombs and then blow up old lady pilkington's letterbox.
really?!! oh fly! i knew you'd come in useful for something. so how's it made?
well, what you do is you get some shotgun shells and to pry open the end and tip out the buckshot. and what's left in there is your gun-powder. easy.
where are you going?
i'm getting a 'two by four'.
what for?
you'll see.

by Dan

I don't believe that humans have free will. But some people are convinced it does. You can give them all the evidence you can about the body reacting to stuff before they feel like they've made up their mind about something but when it comes down to it, some people just feel like they've got free will.

These guys must feel like they're in control.

I get around and most of the time I feel like I'm watching some amazing story from behind my eyes and I've got no control over what happens at any one point.

When I make a decision I've only got one decision that's going to be made, and that's the most obvious one based on the information I have at the time.

Why would I choose the second best option in any one situation?

So what is free will? The ability to choose the second best option in any situation? That's just plain fucking stupid.