Bubble Wrap

this is a mess. we're back to square one. no security, no water, no power.
don't cry professor! maybe we should take stock of everything we have.
you destroyed the gearbox when you rammed the front door.
police station!
you destroyed the front door when your rammed the front door.
they don't work fly. none of the firearms work.
none of them?
why not?
that's a really good question, fly.

a really good one.

by Dan

I found an old Golden Book about dinosaurs at the second hand store. It was the same book I read and re-read over and over again.

It's really very old and so much has been learned since it was written. They are constantly referred to as lizards, there's that old chestnut about the Brontosaurus having a second brain in it's hind quarters and they make no mention of them evolving into birds.

Even poor old T-rex looks like he can barely walk in the illustration let alone run.