Bubble Wrap

oh no!
what now?
the water's gone. all the drinking water is missing and he's pinched most of the generator fuel.
god damnit, fly! this is all your fault.
my fault?
yes. you should have told me he was the cult leader. you broke the door to the base. you stayed with beth when you should have stayed with me.
you're the one who let him in here in the first place. you're the one who didn't check to make sure he was kosher and,..
,..you're supposed to be the smart one!
why did you even let him stay in the first place?
he laughed at my modem joke?
the baud rate one? i still don't even understand it!!
well you see "baud" is a measurement of,..
i don't give a fuck!!

by Dan

I just finished reading 'World War Z'. A very clever book about a zombie apocalypse. Where most stories about zombies come from the point of view of a team of survivors this is an oral account from hundreds of survivors that all piece together to form a comprehensive tale from the initial outbreak to the final clean up.

It was everything that I'd hoped that Cloverfield would be when I first saw the trailers. Then it turned out that it was all about watching some hipsters get it in the neck. That was okay too.