Bubble Wrap

g, i think i've found it!
the foob warehouse?
no, the-
there's a foob warehouse?
on the outskirts of town apparently.
i found a delivery docket in the cabin of the truck. the hardware store had some exclusive wood supply contract for the foob pallets.
i must say, you've made very good time if you've been all the way out there and back this morning.
that's not what i've found.
tell me of your discovery usul.
i think i've found the building your friend anne was talking about. it's all boarded up though, i've just come back to get a crowbar and see if you wanted to help.
but if you'd like to go and check out this foob warehouse, we could do that instead.
nah, it'll keep.
i'm hungry now.
come, we shall gather such tools of great dismantlement and sally forth to battle with these heinous boards of which you spaketh!
no longer will they deny us our very life's sustenance.
to wit and verily.
perhaps a little lie down first?
nay trusty manservant, needs must we quash this.
lead onwards to villainy!

by Goatlord

Yes, Villainy must be quashed!
Or, at the very least, be made to open a window when he does that.

Speaking of rotting from the inside out, I've been watching a lot of zombie stuff of late (thanks mostly to our Special Broadcasting Service), including the Spanish movie REC and the five part Big Brother: Zombie edition.

They're really quite good.

And if you go here you'll learn all sorts of good stuff about the proposed REC trilogy. Including that REC had an American remake entitled QUARANTINE starring the fairer of the Morgan siblings from DEXTER.