Bubble Wrap

how on earth did you manage to drive it all the way here from the hardware store?
it had a full tank when i left. it's an old truck, i just figured it wasn't very fuel efficient.
do you think you can fix it?
it's as though all the seals in the fuel system have shriveled up and died.
but, given a new set of seals, a fully stocked workshop and plenty of time, i could probably get it going again.
however, we're going to need food long before we'll need transportation.
i'll go and put the packer back together, you bring over whatever foodstuffs you've collected so far.
ok then, it's not much though.
it'll have to do.
i'll meet you there.
poor truck.
don't worry, we'll fix you up then you'll be the scourge of those nazi-hippies again in no time.

by Goatlord

There's no time like the Nazi-Hippy time.

Nazi-Hippies, what a very strange concept. Perhaps I should stop drinking my own bathwater. It seems the only funny around here is my taste.

Dear me...

Dear Me,
Why is your brain-keyboard filter non-operational? Do you not have a backspace key or perhaps a handy EMP device?
Welcome to the new wild west.