Bubble Wrap

it's a big city g, you can't have eaten everything by yourself.
i had help.
i'm sure.
look, you know where the foob packing device is and there's plenty of old tubes lying about here.
so all we need to do is find some preserved foodstuffs and we're set.
wait, where are you going?
it's a good plan bob. i've not had a reason to bring the foob packer home before. i'm going to ready it for transportation.
you spend today looking for food then tomorrow we'll take your dump truck to get the packer.
it's low on fuel. i don't know if we'll make it back.
the packer is in a bunker underneath a service station, we can fuel the truck up before we come back.
that is a good plan, cool.
yes, i'll be back tonight.
why do i always choose to perform these heavy labour tasks during the heat of day?
the next morning
what do you mean it won't start?

by Goatlord

Ah, the next morning. Dealing with the shame and crippling guilt and not just because you knew there was a severed horse's head in the bed the whole time.

I was going to say something about the weight and messiness of a severed horses head and ask how (but not why) one would sneak into someones abode to leave such an odd gift but my mind wandered off to watch Animal House. When it came back, it reminded me of the morning after the horse prank scene and of the chainsaws in the background. Then I a-got to gigglin'

Good times, good times.

If anyone finds a copy of PCU: Pit Party (probably just called PCU in the US) in their local bargain bins, let me know. Or just let the Universe know, it'll get back to me. It always does.