Bubble Wrap

worrying isn't going to solve anything.
says you.
i won't go back to that awful stuff, i won't!
calm down g.
you've been in this situation before, yes?
i think so.
ok, what did you do then?
we'd search the buildings for-
but there's no more foobs to be had.
what about in the building anne found?
that sounded promising.
who's anne?
i don't know,
you brought her up!
not possible.
i never had kids.

by Goatlord

Small mercies.

And we all must be thankful for them.

It's the large ones that need their for granted taken.

"I beat the rap for that heinous crime you say? Well I'll be...
I mean - Well of course I fucking did, I should never have been put in the dock in the first place. Don't you know that I'm rich/a sports star/have incriminating photos of the judge and his best friend's son at that other dude's son's bar mitzvah?"

I'm not sure that makes any sense now...
he says out loud before returning to the incessant giggling he had been so preoccupied with earlier.

Where's that BAR WENCH?!