Bubble Wrap

morning g.
sleep well?
passably, you?
like a baby.
so, would you like the bad news or the bad news first?
no good news?
ha, i haven't heard any good news since anne came back and said she'd found a completely unscavenged building.
who's anne?
...i'm not sure.
so, bad news or bad news?
fine, bad news please.
we're almost out of foobs.
and the bad news?
that was the bad news.
you made mention of other bad news.
why didn't you say so?
whatever. if we don't find some more food like succour soon, this time next week, we'll be eating cream of donkey loin.

by Goatlord

I believe "succour" is the term given to the discipline practiced by vacuum cleaners who run and jump over walls and giraffes instead of taking the bus.

I have this strange memory from my younger years...

When I say "memory" it could just as easily have been a scene from an episode of Ugly Betty (first season, not the second). Memories and I have a "they don't show up when called" and "I don't know better to care" relationship.

What a surprise, I've completely forgotten what I was going to say. Please be patient whilst I scroll up and refresh my cache.

*Elevator muzak*

Still here? My condolences.

I think it (the memory) was about wanting to see a cow explode as the result of a rectal insertion of dynamite
(in the cow, obviously).

I've been told that the regaling of this "memory" is one of the reasons that all of my marriages have failed.

The other reason being the shoddy locks I put on the cages.

Damn this economy!