Bubble Wrap

so,.. when's it my turn to drive?
seriously, fly. never touch anything in, or on, this truck.
i can totally be trusted! i know my way around the cabin.
do you, fly?
i'll show you. this is the de-mister, this is the warning light, this is the cigarette lighter.
what did you do?
agh! fire! there's a fire!
god damnit, fly!
quick grab the extinguisher.
okay! can i drive the truck now?
rest assured you have successfully demonstrated to me, your level of competence.

by Dan

I watched 'Music and Lyrics' last night on the Telly. I used to hate Hugh Grant, but I eventually realised that I enjoyed pretty much every movie that he was in and every character that he played.

Well, that is to say, that one character he plays. But he does it so well. I think my favourite film with him in it is 'About a Boy'.

Good soundtrack in the film too.