Bubble Wrap

why did the taps all stop anyway? doesn't water run downhill?
well, when everyone died the power-plants stopped receiving fuel, then the electricity stopped, then the pumps failed. the water would run downhill if the pumps weren't in the way.
would it be easier to remove the pumps and let the water run down to us?
removing every pump between us and the dam would be an insane amount of work fly. you were so close when you were thinking about fire-fighters.
when i was a little kid i always wanted to be a fireman and drive the truck around, putting out fires and shit.
,.. so, fly,.. if we wanted to move water around perhaps we could use,..
big sponges?
apparently blood runs downhill too.

by Dan

I paid $995 to get my car back on the road. Maybe I should have just spend $9 a fortnight on replacement power-steering fluid. Sure it would have simply run out onto the road, but it may well have been cheaper.

I've always wondered whether anyone has ever tried repairing a fluid leak in a car with liquid nails. That stuff is solid.