Bubble Wrap

i'm reminded of the old adage:
if you love something,
set it free.
if it comes back, it's probably broken.
ok, now you're just spouting lines from movies.
our time must almost be up.
wha- why?
i gots ta go.
carmine wait.
i have to know,
i need to know.
why did you jump?
i can't tell you that.
why not?!
this is your dream kiddo.
now don't forget, no tumble dry and definitely, under no circumstances, mix with the white.
see ya 'round kid.
no. wait!
tsk, tsk.
the guilt of the bone thief is never assuaged.

by Goatlord

Rejoice, for Dan shall be back tomorrow (probably).

He is the Nitrous Oxide to my Carbon Monoxide (too gay? Just plain weird, right, gotcha).

Dan loves his emails, don't froget (or forget even) to keep sending them in. You can ask him to regale you with his mighty exploits at "Impro Melbourne's Hallowe'en Classic".
Yes the finger quotes given digital form are there for a reason.

I was only just informed this morning that "Impro Melbourne's Hallowe'en Classic" is code for WHALE HUNTING exclamation mark

That's right Dan paid good (presumably) money to go all "Ahab" on some whales (though, one expects he fared a little better than the above faux-adverb. Someone has heard from him since last week, yes?)

He may make himself believe that he is protecting society from those "mammalian, marine menaces" (his words) but deep down, in the empty void previously occupied by his soul, I'm sure he knows he's just being a big meanie.

So the next time you're over at Dan's and he offers you some tasty looking sashimi, you'll know where it really came from.

(And for those too curious for their own good, FROGET is the portable version of the popular "retro" video game, FROGGER.)

("retro" being code for PANDA RAPE.)