Bubble Wrap

what are you going to do about him?
i really don't know. every time i try to help, he pushes me further away.
it's so frustrating.
i searched for so long to find another human and when i finally did, he was, is, just so ... unhinged.
that's being polite about it.
yes it is.
because g is my friend, just like i wanted you to be.
i did say it was a shame we hadn't met under different circumstances.
christ, it's like i'm on a bad trip with no end in sight.
when was the last time you checked the "used by"s on those foobs?
some of them look pre-war.

by Goatlord

Mmmm, Pre-war foob, nom nom nom.

Elsewhere on planet Earth:


I've just discovered that Mr Bon Jovi declaims that:
"I'm a colt in your stable"

and not:
"I'm a goat through your stable"

in the (some say undeservedly but fuck them, right? Right.) popular 1990 hit "Blaze of Glory".

My life is officially over.

Although, with lyrics like, "I'm a colt in your stable", I'm surprised he wasn't more of a gay icon.

If I'm subjecting his lyrics to close analysis, I should subject my own to same scrutiny.


Well I'll be, if "I'm a goat through your stable" doesn't sound like a euphemism for a difficult bowel movement...

Still, I hope he chokes on all those cheese platters I sent.

Mind you, if he ate even half of them, a goat through his stable would certainly be on the cards, as it were.