Bubble Wrap

there must have been something i could have said.
i should have saved you.
yeah, because everyone on this planet exists solely to fulfill your hero fantasies.
'sides, who says i wanted to be saved.
that's a horrible thing to say, carmine.
life is sacred.
life is what it is.
there ain't no pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow and there sure as hell ain't no 72 virgins neither.
not even ninjas?
not even ninjas.
i knew it.
i've always wondered about that virgin thing. what did they think was going to happen?
beats me kid.
i'd have 'em fetching me beers when i'm watchin' porn but that's just me.

by Goatlord

So, Mr Bart Cummings may or may not have won his 13th Melbourne Cup yesterday (I was distracted by a particularly curvaceous cheese then forgot all about the geegees).
Either way, for an old guy, he sure can run.

But seriously folks...

Fetching beer on the set of a locally produced pornographic film was actually my first job when I was but a lad.

Technically, though, it was my second job. I'd quit my first before they'd finished explaining my duties. I thought I'd be getting paid to plump pillows for the cast but no.

When I'd explained my misunderstanding, they were kind enough to offer me the beer fetching position.

Once the riotous laughter at my expense had died down,
of course.