Bubble Wrap

heya kid.
hello carmine.
whatcha been up to?
brooding and obsessing mostly. i think it's affecting my drawing. i'm running out of black chalk.
it's not your fault, y'know that right?
i'd made up my mind well before we'd even met.
i know and i want to say i understand but i really don't.
the understanding is in the pudding as my nona used to say.
she was a bit like your red friend towards the end.
oh, i'm sorry.
don't be, it was all an act for the prison guards. she was able to break my uncle out in the space of three "care" packages.
yeah, not quite sure why i brought it up now.

by Goatlord

So yeah, not actually taking a sabbatical.
I sometimes forget to qualify my bullshit. Sorry.

Some things I have learned in the past week:

- Being able to have happy-birthday-to-you cake twice in two nights, is the height of awesomeness for a two and a half year old.

- Wireless home theatre speakers won't work, no matter how long and vitriolic your bouts of swearing be, without the wireless card inserted into the amplifier.

- I do not fit in a Ford Focus, not even one painted the same colour as the TARDIS.

- Discovering what the funny hieroglyphic-like symbols on instructionless second hand ovens by trial and error, is not as much fun as it sounds.

Also, it is snowing in Afghanistan.