Bubble Wrap

more care must be taken kumar
these batteries were quite difficult to procure
do not drop anymore
i'm sorry billy bob, they're just so heavy.
you will need to wash off the acid
these cheap government suits were not designed to withstand such abuse
send tyler over to help finish the unloading
ok, i think he's talking to penny.
um, tyler?
billy bob asked if you could help him finish unloading the batteries.
i dropped one and have to wash off the acid.
sure, no problem
talk to you later penny.
was that a-

by Goatlord

Dan's Note: Bubblewrap started on this day last year. Holy crap. That's a whole year gone by. And look how far our characters have come.

A lesser person may wish to make a most disgusting and derogatory joke about some lewd sporting competition right about now.

Luckily the only person around is still wrestling with this FUCKING LAPTOP KEYBOARD and in no mood for such gutter commentaries.

So, happy anniversary to BUBBLE WRAP.

I didn't know what to get you so I didn't. Is the beer cold yet?