Bubble Wrap

ok penny.
you want someone to shoot?
shoot me.
what? no.
go on, get some practice in. garry is a bad guy, you really wouldn't want to miss.
come on down!
the reaper is come and she intends to collect.
this is ridiculous.
is it?
would it help if i said you were doing me a favour?
get up tyler.
i am nothing.
i am no one.
i no longer exist.
all that i had to live for was taken from me.
do it!

by Goatlord

Oh dear, what was that all about?

A bad time to mention that I am taking a 6 month sabbatical starting today?

Wow, that was impressive. I could hear those cheers from all the way back here in the not too distant past.

Recovered from Halloween yet?
I'm still picking bits of garden gnome out of my, ah area where a gnome exists yet should not. Pesky gnomes.

Hee hee, I never thought I'd get to type that out loud.

I'll do it again: Pesky gnomes.

Twice blessed in one lifetime, ah me.