Bubble Wrap

hello robert. we need to talk.
what an awesome idea, i don't think.
begone figment!
no, i'm worried about you. i don't think you're handling the death of your friends at all well.
yeah, thanks for bringing that up.
nothing helps me get over something more than continually bringing it up in mental conversations with myself.
they died and you didn't. it needs to be addressed.
yes, because it's that simple. not at all complex like the reason i have to wear this incredibly comfy suit and inhale the sweet, sweet fragrance of rotting flesh 24-7.
i don't think you should confuse the issue at hand. you're over complicating matters.
fuck off, i'm fine.
uh huh...
i feel-
oh, so pretty...
goddamn it, get out of my head!

by Goatlord

So long

...said the actress to the Bishop.