Bubble Wrap

i cannot see for all the
smoke people!
not to worry penny. i'm sure our new billy bob will be back soon.
i'm not waiting for billy bob.
i ... i don't think he's coming back.
of course he'll be back. he wouldn't leave us in the lurch like that.
i wish i could believe that.
billy bob was a bit of a flake, yes, but please, take my word for it penny, he is a different man and we can trust his assurances.
i do trust them tyler.
however well meant his intentions are though, i just know that he won't be able to meet them.
you can't be certain of that penny.
you didn't see garry when they left. you didn't hear what he said.
you're waiting for garry?
yes i am.

by Goatlord

"I'm back!", he says, to no one in particular.
The fly on the wall cocks its head but then they always do that, don't they.

Hello fellow cheese eaters.
I hope this missive finds you (let me know if it does not for I shall beat it forthwith or is that "with forth"? What the fuck is a forth anyway? What? Oh, get on with it, righto) well.

For all of you having a birthday today, please let me relate a personal message from someone you know:


Also, I dislike laprop keyboRDS. THEY Et cheese that John West would reject.