Bubble Wrap

you know what i really miss?
a nice drop of beer.
it's 10 in the morning.
i dunno. drinking before lunchtime seems unnatural.
like mixing two types of cereal or urinating while chewing food.

i don't,...

it's comments like that that make me really miss having alcohol.

by Dan

So Twitter, huh? That's some nutty website. If you're looking for me over there you'll find me at @dnabeast, but there are some friends who are mad keen into it too.

@girlclumsy is often good value (if sometimes a little maudlin). Then you've got the musical maestro @KrisAnderson. The amazing literary genius @JohnBirmingham and newsreader and cracked writer @DiscoStu101.

Actually I should point out I'm not close friends with John Birmingham. I've only met him once. He seemed nice. Also I haven't talked to Disco Stu much but I got a very positive feeling about him.

Edit: Changed @Discostu to @Discostu101