Bubble Wrap

ugh! i still feel kind of sick.
hey fly! you're up. looks like the doctor was surprised by your return.
oh man! it's good to see you.
i'm glad you're back too fly.
we've been trying to maintain our fortifications as well as put together some sort of garden but we just don't have the man-power.
now that we've got your muscle behind us we can really get things cracking.
fly, have you passed out standing up?

by Dan

I've just recently changed from Bigpond Cable to iiNet ADSL2+. It was cheaper, I get quite a bit more bandwidth and the only downside, is that it isn't as fast as fibre optic cable.

So I plug it in and do a speed test. ADSL2+ is slightly faster than Bigpond on download. WTF? I test the upload. Four times as fast. This is too damn awesome. On top of that iiNet has unmetered content from ABC's iView.

Now I can watch all those ABC shows I like whenever I want. I can't wait until SBS offers the same option.