Bubble Wrap

i know it's just a silly thing but, out of everyone, i thought you might understand it best.
it's wonderful, thank you tyler.
i don't think i'll be taking anymore baths in the near future so it will be nice to "take a moment" from time to time.
i'm so glad you've found something to help cope ... with your loss.
oh, i wouldn't go that far.
it's a nice diversion but as i told you, all new systems have their flaws.
when i close my eyes, i see my wife.
larger than life, telling the world where to go.
but as soon as my lids lift...
she's gone.
...and breathe out.

by Goatlord

Who wants CHEESE!!!!!!

He asks rhetorically.

Of course, everyone wants cheese. That's the problem.

The cows are beginning to unionize (which is, apparently, a real word). Costs are skyrocketing and, I'm afraid (of the dark and never ending bracket usage), I'm going to have institute a cull.

The CULL INSTITUTE was founded in 1639 after Sir Ichabod Smythe was refused entry to his favourite nightclub.

It has been pointed out, in the intervening years, that being enormously wealthy, Sir Smythe could have easily bought the nightclub outright many times over rather than found his society but as one Smythe descendant has since remarked,

"'e got inna the fugging place din'ee? Sides, who dusn' like the smell 'o burning flesh in the morrow? You queer 'o summin?"