Bubble Wrap

ok penny, let's try again.
alright, i close my eyes and breathe in.
that was ... wow.
i've got to say, i'd forgotten that the world hadn't completely turned to shit.
she is beautiful.
excuse me?
mother nature.
i've been so wrapped up in my own "issues", shall we say, that i hadn't taken a moment to acknowledge our surrounds.
your issues are far from unimportant, tyler.
neither are yours nor kumar's, hell, even garry and wyatt's.
we've all been trying so hard to lose ourselves in something else, that we've missed what's been staring us in the face since we arrived.
there's help to be had, we just have to let it in.
you felt it, right?
yes, she's still there.
so beautiful-
-and peaceful.
for the most part.

by Goatlord


Was the word, was the word, was the word...

Today it is:


Be careful where you leave them.