Bubble Wrap

so ... grabbing your daily sunlight?
i thought billy bob was mad the first time he suggested it but a little each day and i feel ... better.
that's really great tyler.
it's getting there.
hey, i discovered something nice the other day, would you like me to show you?
the sun was just coming up when it first happened but i've since found that it will work at any time of day.
you just have to be outside.
to begin, close your eyes then take a deep breath and briefly hold it.
then, open your eyes and slowly exhale.
go on, you try it.
alright, first i...
i'm assuming that this won't work if i open my eyes and see kumar doing something obscene with a torch.
well there's always bound to be a few flaws with any new system.

by Goatlord


is the word, is the word, is the word...

How remiss of me, to misremember such an important date.

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to the Mrs Mummy 'ouise and the sister of the Dan.

May your day be filled with happy monkeys and cheese filled donkeys.

Mmmm, cheese filled donkeys.