Bubble Wrap

ha ha! finally got rid of that damn leg cuff.
well, i'd better rebury beth.
much later
phew. i'm so glad i don't have to do that again.
what the?!!!
aagh! god damn it!! i forgot about the second set of leg cuffs.
no no, fly. calm down. it's okay. you know where the keys are. you put them right back where you found th,...
god! damn! fucking! asshole! cock-munch! bitch-sucker! stupid ,..fucking keys!! stupid fucking cuffs!! stupid fucking block!!
*pant pant*
stupid fucking fly,...
i miss the professor.

by Dan

So Microsoft has a new promotion that's totally lame again. And the media is having a field day. Talking about it, drawing attention to it. Ignoring every other company with a similar product.

It's genius. They can't compete against Apple for "cool" and "fun", but now Windows Party is being talked about everywhere because it's so dumb. It still doesn't stop the fact that everyone knows that Win 7 is coming out soon, now.

And people say Microsoft doesn't know how to advertise.