Bubble Wrap

yo girl.
i gotz something to say.

*pup ba duhp boop ba bahm!*
*pup ba duhp boop ba bahm!*
poor, poor beth. you were always scared.
clinging to the light like you're double dared.
tricked like a fish who is stuck in a bowl.
the cult made you weak like a dude who is old.
but i can't blame them 'cause they won't be missed.
and i can't blame god, cause he doesn't exist.
i'm the last to blame. i should've tried to save,..
,..you can trust me professor. on my sister's grave.
was that thunder?

by Dan

You know, scientists are able to manufacture diamonds in the lab now. It's just carbon. It's much less expensive than one dug out of the ground. Plus they're flawless. Diamonds are judged by how few flaws there are.

And yet, people still want the ones that are dug out of the ground. The entire industry is based on the market being regulated so only a small amount of diamonds can be sold at a huge mark up.

You never hear about people only wanting wild helium for their balloons do you?