Bubble Wrap

and you're sure that's how it works? it sounds a bit too much like, well, magic. are you instructing me in the dark arts tyler?
that is correct my new apprentice.
your first task is to ensure my evil wand of luminosity is fully charged at all times. now go shake out your frustrations.
don't forget, the magnet in that thing is pretty heavy. try not to stove anyone's skull in with it.
yeah yeah, i'll be careful but if it doesn't work in the first five minutes then-
-holy shit, dude!
this really is magic.
voldemort is my master now!
what's all that about?
hello penny.
oh, i'm just instructing kumar in the dark arts of scientific discovery.
ah, the corrupter reveals himself. you filthy evolutionist, you.
something like that. so, no sign of billy bob yet?
oh, he's not back yet? i hadn't realised.
uh-huh, you just happen to be standing outside with a clear view of all approaches to the farm,
on your own, nonchalantly reading a book?
the light is better out here.
this is true but i'm sure the book would be easier to read if it wasn't upside down.

by Goatlord

Yes, the corrupter is REVEALED!

In a "still keeps his mask" on sort of way.

I wonder if He is responsible for the current cheese shortage. He probably has a vast stockpile secreted (about His person, mayhap?) in a secret location. Hiding at the farm, blending in with the besuited inhabitants, biding His time.

And when He releases the cheese. Oh, how the cheese market will collapse. Only then will we, as a race, through this most awesome of devastations, know His true and most terrible beauty.

(Ed: Dude, a fart joke, really?)

Hey, I'm not the one who pointed it out, you tiny little cock-goblin.

(Ed: Oh high-larious. Because I'm always goblin' on cock. I'm still amazed they kicked you out of University. What were they thinking...
God, is that a dust storm?)

Probably the beginnings of fallout. Y'see, if you hadn't been so intent on putting me down, you might have noticed a little thing like nuclear Armageddon.

(Ed: Oh fuck, my suit. Where is my suit?!)

Oh nos, what could have possibly happened to your suit?
Better find it quick.
CYA CG ;-)