Bubble Wrap

you really need to start taking your survival a little more seriously otherwise your fantasies will stay just that. you will get out of that suit one day.
no "maybe"s about it. now, hows about refocusing your energies to finding some more energy for our torch.
yeah, i still don't get why we can't use the lights in here yet. wyatt found some solar cells and i helped him bring in those tractor batteries.
batteries that had been sitting out in the field for god knows how long. i'm building this system to last so we need batteries that've more use than boat anchors.
wyatt seems to be taking his time with the new batteries so torchlight has to suffice for the moment
so ... torch batteries, any size will do, scoot.
i'm tellin' you man. there are none to be had. i've checked all the remotes and the other torches, all dead.
i even checked the broken torch, it seemed heavy enough. all that was sliding around inside it was a lump of metal.
i'm going up for some sunlight. you go and get the "broken" torch and when you return, i'll teach you all about the wonders of electromagnetic induction.

by Goatlord

It's magic I tell you.

A bit like this really.