Bubble Wrap

kumar, believe it or not, i was a teenage boy once too.
i understand,
i really do.
you had to spend the best dating years of your life stuck in a tiny, plastic prison?
my girlfriend's parents were a little strict.
don't bullshit me tyler. if they did that to you they were fucking insane not strict.
well, as it turned out, yes.
but my point is, at the time, there was only one thing on my mind and it had nothing to do with the mental stability of her parents.
you dirty dog, you.
i've had my moments.

by Goatlord

Hydro-bath anyone?

Men truly are such pigs. Which is possibly quite offensive to our porcine population. Though, having the mental acuity of 3 year olds, they may not spend their days boasting of what they put where and for how long (get it, huh huh?).

They (the human male) tend only to get a bit squeamish when confronted with past exploits with sheep or companions who come with their own puncture repair kit. Paradoxically, however, inflatable sheep seem to be the exception to the rule.

A plastacular hello to all of you who own the special bicycle riding leoTARDS but no bicycle.

And to everyone else:

Hey, 'sup?
Yeah, I know.
She totally had it coming though. Faking that pregnancy to his father and then-
I know!