Bubble Wrap

do you smell smoke?
and you've searched everywhere, not just the outhouse?
tyler, i swear, there are no more torch batteries to be had.
although, i could check the outhouse again, y'know, if you think it might help.
i wish you'd stop that, it's not healthy.
teasing yourself with those magazines. they're not helping you any.
billy bob designed this hydroponic thingy after reading them only once.
those aren't the magazines i'm talking about.
oh, the other...
i've just been trying to write over the images of man-on-meat grinder love in the almanacs with pictures of barely clad nymphettes.
sadly, not too many.
do you even know what "nymphette" means?

by Goatlord

Mmmm, gentlemen's magazines from the 50's. That takes me back.

I was a staple in a previous life.