Bubble Wrap

are you evil?
is that why bob took all of your bones?
if so, it shows a hitherto unobserved level of foresight on bob's part. perhaps he-
there is no one in there g. the sooner you stuff it in a cupboard somewhere, the sooner you can get back to your "honing".
how do you know i'm not honing right now?!
would a "master" of the craft break character so easily?
no one's breaking character here!
...bite me!
why are you still shouting?
no reason!

by Goatlord

No reason is the only reason, werd!

I like to think that G is paying homage to actions of past missrememberances.

Oh, the many uncountable times he spent down at the "local" with all his good mates. Sinking pints and chasing tail. Telling tall tales of previously chased tail. And when it was time, he'd tail the tail of other tail chasers who'd hired him to keep tabs on the tail who'd been telling tales about their whereabouts to their respective tail chasers.

Then he woke up ... so he could cry himself back to sleep.