Bubble Wrap

there can't be much left, surely.
nothing we can't leave for another day, except...
do you think you could find a home for this please. somewhere i won't have to look at it.
whoa, what did you do with his bones!?
he's so ... floppy.
there's no one in there g.
put this bag with it too.
i'm going inside to make a start on my chalkboard.
...ok, sure.

by Goatlord

Today's blog is brought to you by the letter G and Mr Floppy.

I find the easiest way to not be disturbed by these blogs is to not read them.

However, just like the female form (I'm trying not to say boobs because.... homersimpsonism!), they're magnets to my iron enriched eyes.

I hope you have better luck than I (no pun intended) but if you've gotten this far, just know, I feel your pain sister/brother.

No, I'm not referencing my immediate/extended family.

They can be fodder for another blogpost.

Hee hee, blogpost.