Bubble Wrap

the dump truck's tippy-bit has a cover so we probably don't need to bring everything in right now.
this way you get to go back to your "honing" sooner rather than later.
time's a-wastin'.
well well well, you are the dark horse, bob.
that is a lot of duct tape you've brought back with you.
it's a very useful product and i don't like running out.
and the sharpies?
also very useful.
i always thought you seemed a little too comfortable in your suit.
what's that supposed to mean?
fetishism can manifest itself in many forms.
...so i'm told.
i'll bet.

by Goatlord

I currently have a fetish for dual monitor setups. Although, the cleanup bill has been-

-ok ok, I'm off to the naughty corner already.