Bubble Wrap

c'mon beth. please give me a meat based foob. i can't survive on vegie ones.
haven't you ever considered the ethics of killing animals and eating them?
yes beth. i have. and you know why i have? because my brain is large and strong and is unique in the animal kingdom in that i can consider such existential notions.
of course the only way that that was possible was because my ancestors ate meat. it gave them the extra energy that was able to go into brain development.
so the only reason i can consider the ethics of vegetarianism is because of meat eating.
i rest my case.

by Dan

I find vegetarianism bigoted. If you're going to eat one living entity over another then you're no better than Hitler.

I recommend eating all things. Plants, animals and other people. Sure I may be a cannibal, but at least I'm not a bigot or a hypocrite.