Bubble Wrap

what were you doing just now?
honing my skills.
my skills, yes. everyone who's ever tread the boards has always been in a constant state of "hone".
even those as great as i.
i totally agree.
didn't you hear me get back?
i was in
"the zone".
my character would not have been phased by noise of such inconsequence.
things got pretty noisy there for awhile. i had a little trouble getting close enough to the building.
so i used the dump truck to push a few things out of the way.
a master of the craft, such as i, is more than capable of being able to hear a noise and yet, not hear a noise.
sort of like how you are here but you are rarely ever, here.
so you keep saying.
come help me unload.
dump truck?

by Goatlord

A truck for dumping you nimrod! What does it sound-

Actually, that sounds like a pooper scooper for King Kong.

Google is your friend, people.

Especially on those cold mornings after the night before when you "know" you had one last twenty to help split the taxi fare home but...

I'll pay you back Google, promise.